Sunday, 14 September 2008

International Hussif Swap!

I took part in a swap on the Down--to--Earth blog. We signed up to swap a needlebook and pincushion. My swap partner, Mary, suggested making a hussif which has a strawberry pincushion in it.

I found these fabric remnants at a market stall. I had trouble with the request for warm colours because I'm such a cool colours person, but Mary tells me this was just her cup of tea. It's a 1970s Charles Parson print on a light canvasy type of fabric.

I also made a little thimble pouch to go with it.

Mary had commented that my nostepinne was made from exotic timber. That made me laugh for days because it was an old fence post which we were planning on using as firewood. I mean, redgum is our main source of firewood here. I couldn't stop giggling. But DH went out to the shed and came back a few hours later with a noste similar to mine for me to send to the US with the hussif. What a sweet hubby! And Mary is pleased with that too.

If you would like to see a few more pics, they're here on my new flickr account.

OOPS!!! For the strawberry pincushion I needed some aluminium oxide (emery) because these pincushions are used to sharpen pins, not store them. It took ages to find somewhere where I could buy less than a 25kg bag. It was only as I was driving home with my $4 worth of emery (100gms) that I realised that I had broken my Challenge. Ooops!

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