Friday, 8 August 2008

Mega Post

Wow, hasn't it been ages? Two months since I've posted. I hope all my fellow Challengers haven't forgotten me ;) . It's been hectic around here - two bouts of tummy bugs amongst other things. Lots of changes going on in our lives.

One of our changes is that we removed our old conara-style fireplace and put our desk there instead. We haven't used the wood heater since we were given ducted heating 2 years ago. It was such a waste of space. This is what the space looked like after we ripped out the heater.

Boring, I know, but the heater was depressing me and for me this photo represents a real change in our home and our lives. It makes me happy.

I have been doing tons of knitting while I haven't been blogging.
An LTK Hybrid Rib soaker in Treliske Organic wool:

A pair of LTK Picky Pants in Guava and Plum BWM wool:

A pair of LTK Picky Pants in some Cleckheaton wool (I bought 16 balls for $3 at a garage sale). I love the cable detail in these. My neighbour taught me to do cables.:

A Calorimetry in Monster Knits Corriedale Super Bulky, Blue Fish colourway:
I love this wool.

A fruit cosy in Monster Knits 4BF Merino, Quench colourway:

I received a gift from Kelli of a PIF and then also some double pointed needles.

There is some cotton 10ply and a slik headband, along with fabric wrapping and ribbon. The only thing missing from the photo is the unpicker she sent me, because it had already been stashed in my sewing case. And the needles arrived a few days later. The needles came in an awesome dpn holder. I'll have to pull it out of my knitting tub and post a pic of it. It's grouse! Thanks so much Kelli!

Another gift I received was from Kris of Monster Knits fame. She sent me almost 3 full squares of lino for doing lino cutting/printing. I posted a "wanted" on NC a while ago, so I was very excited to receive them. I can't wait to try my hand at printing again. It's been a while (think mid-90s).

I have been doing some sewing too. Dinnae from my mothers' group left to live in Canada two weeks ago. She had asked some months earlier if I could make her an apron. She wanted one with bright bold colourful stripes. I don't know how she expected me to find that kind of fabric (she knows about the challenge) but I was eventually successful. We drove 5 hours to Camperdown to visit a friend, went op shopping, and found the most perfect enormous doona cover. It has so much fabric. I plan to make all sorts of kids' clothes and another apron for me, but for now just enjoy my apron for Dinnae, which was finished the day before she left the country.

You'll have to put up with me modelling the apron because I'm still waiting for the action shots from Dinnae. She's been in Canada a week now, and not a word from her. Bet she's having too much fun to remember her Aussie friends.

My ABA group leader asked me to write an article for our newsletter on signing with a baby. I added photos in the next edition. Now I have been asked to lead a meeting with that as my topic in October. I'm so excited. I got so much positive feedback on the article and photos. You can see pics of Elliot signing some of his favourite words here and if you'd like to read my signing article let me know and I'll post it up on here.

Other things I have been up to? I refashioned a pair of knitting needles where one of them was broken and repointed by the previous owner. I cut and repointed the other needle to make a pair of 5mm, 6" long needles. They were originally more than twice that length. I don't know what to make with such stumpy needles, but I really like them.

DH and Elliot painted some knitting I had done using the food colouring and microwave method. Then I sewed the pieces together and stuffed them to create this kitten.

Andrew (DH) and I have/are turning 30 this year, which has led to a larger-than-usual amount of birthday money coming in. We were given $600 to buy a Croozer, so we put all our other birthday money in with it and bought the Croozer and some helmets for each of us. We broke our Challenge, but it was with money given for a specific purpose, so can we get away with it? Well, we have, and it's been wonderful. We ride and walk so much more than before. I can go into town without using the car now. I'm thrilled.

This photo was taken on our first Croozer outing to Woodlands Historic Park and Homestead.

And lastly, before I make your browser crash with all the photos, here's Elliot painting in his mum-made apron on reused printer paper.

My next post will be an update on my No Shampoo mini-challenge.


Kebeni said...

I love the purple and green pants and the kitten is gorgeous. That is a great idea of sticking the paper to the window for painting.

Eilleen said...

Wow you have been busy! Its been great to read what you've been up to. Thanks for the update. :)

ColdCloth said...

Tanja you have achieved SO much in the last couple of months - wow!! Well done!! Love the stripy apron by the way...