Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Shrinky Dinky Knitting Fun

I created these little tags for my knitting needle roll using Shrinky Dink plastic.

I made them 1.5cm square, used a normal hole punch for the hole, and a blue permanent marker for the writing.

After cooking they were just 5mm square, and most of them were a little skewed (not completely square) but I don't mind. They look just perfect to me.

I spent a little while sewing them on to the knitting roll so that I can tell at a glance which sized needle I'm after. It was pretty confusing before, and I didn't want to write on the fabric in case I want to rearrange the needles later. This way I can just snip them off and re-sew when the rearranging bug hits.

Hmmm, not the clearest pics. I'l see if I can get some better ones.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A ton of things ...

... in more ways than one.

We're getting rid of 50% of our 'stuff'. I know, it sounds impossible, but that is our goal. And to help us with this goal we are moving 140kms away. The less we pack, the less we have to move. So there is some real motivation behind this. Every box I sort, ever shelf I pack, I have the constant thought of trying to rid myself of 50% of it. I am being ruthless, and it is very cleansing in so many ways.

Ok, so we're not moving just so we can get rid of a whole lot of stuff. We've been wanting to go home to country Victoria for seven years now. We're not really 'big smoke' sort of people. To aid our move, DH was laid off (yes, another result of the financial issues facing the world today) but he was able to find a new job in his home town within 4 days. He started today, leaving us (Elliot and I) with the task of packing in order to move sometime before New Year.

In other fun news I found this while op shopping:
- a packet of square self-covering buttons!

I had never seen square ones before so I nabbed them.

And I unearthed yet another suitcase of fabric in the bungalow, containing this fabric:
- a genuine 1970s print.

I barely kept anything from this case, in keeping with my aim of moving only 50% of our possessions to the new house, but how could I resist this?

Any ideas on what to make from it? I am thinking of a little zippered purse, but I am open to suggestions. There's a reasonable amount there.

And in other news just to hand: *drum roll please* . . . the cheque for our travel insurance is being typed up as we speak! It will completely wipe out the personal loan we took out to go on this trip which didn't happen, and maybe even leave us with enough money to go out for a coffee to celebrate.