Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Crafting for the Baby

A few things I've been sewing and knitting up for my Bellyfruit.

A mei tai made with this pattern and some delicious Japanese mushroom fabric. It also has a hood/headrest which I'm going to adapt to be removable via snaps, but I'm not putting that on just yet.

This was made for the baby to be carried in, but I asked DH and Elliot to test it for me and they're hooked!

I knitted a little outfit for the Bellyfruit too.

The top is adapted from a cardigan pattern, and the longies are Sheepy Pants. The wool is NZ Treliske Organic Merino 8ply. I dyed some up under the tuition of a friend, and used some undyed wool for contrast.


Tracy said...

What a cute outfit for Bellyfruit :D

Anonymous said...

elliot looks pretty comfy in there!

The set is beautiful, lovely dye job too

Sazz said...

Oh T, I LOVE that mei tai! Beautiful! You've re-inspired me to get off my butt and make us antoher mei tai!

Tracy said...

What's that photo I just saw on RAV... is that a little new birthed bubba I see in your arms? COngratulations :D:D