Monday, 21 April 2008

Good and Bad

Good: I have lost (edit: almost) 20kg so far since Elliot's birth. 3 to go until my next goal.
Bad: I have to bring in my favourite pants yet again because they're like elephant pants on my thighs and bum.
Good: I now fit into two pairs of pants I haven't been able to wear since before I was married (7 years ago).
Bad: Andrew left a pen in his work pants and 3 of my t-shirts now have ink stains. None of his clothes were wrecked. I only have 6 t-shirts and I wear them every day. I now have 3 navy t-shirts to wear - all my other colours were wrecked!
Good: Looks like I need to be op-shopping more to find some t-shirts. As if I need a reason!
Bad: My MIL called this morning to tell me she is getting rid of some black pants "which are rather large in the thighs and bottom" and would I like them?
Good: No-one in my family knows about this blog so I can chuck a hissy about that comment here.
Bad: Andrew has one day this fortnight without some Scouting or other meeting or activity.
Good: I am learning some independence and going off to have fun instead of sitting around waiting for him to take us out. Elliot and I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens with E's Godmother yesterday. We had a muddy ball. Wonderful!
Bad: I am not getting much time to sew since Andrew is never around to look after Elliot these days. It's like being a single mum. Grrrrrr!
Good: I am getting quite a few people asking me to make them some of Elliot's "Grandpa Slippers" as Andrew calls them. Maybe I'll get the confidence one day to sell some. Maybe.

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