Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Books, glorious books

I thought I'd have a little chatter about some fun books I've been reading lately.

This first one I actually bought the other week. *shock* Bought it? Well, I received a bookshop voucher for Christmas. I had $80 to spend, and it had to be spent within 12 months, so I bought a pilates DVD (my osteopath recommends pilates to develop core strength) and this book. I'm quite sure that spending a book voucher is not in contravention of the Challenge, so there!

DK's 'The Complete Book of Sewing' is just lovely. It covers everything from the uses of different bottons, threads and sewing machine feet, to really complicated stuff like making piping and inserting boning. It really is a 'complete' book. I have referred to it heaps already, and it has been making my pad and nappy sewing easier and more professional looking.

Elliot was given this next book for his first birthday by our minister and her husband. Actually, she wasn't our minister at the time, she was somewhere between being our interim minister and our real minister. How should I explain that, Kiwwi? Not that it's relevant, but I am in a waffling mood. I've been reading too many waffly blogs this morning.

'Joseph had a little overcoat' is a book about a man who has an overcoat which becomes 'old and worn' so he makes a vest, then a scarf... He turns it into a number of things as the preceding item of clothing becomes patched and frayed. I won't spoil the ending for you. It won a Children's Book award, so I will assume you can find it in the library. I like it when Elliot asks me to read this book because 'Joseph' is worthy of 'refashionista' status. How many people have refashioned something five or six times?

And finally I will rave about a book I have not read, but am picking up this afternoon from the library.

'Softies: 22 friends for you to sew, knit and crochet' looks utterly devine. I can't wait to see what sorts of treasures I will be inspired to create from this for my March Mini-Challenge. I saw it on some blogs, so I checked out my local library. They had it in the HQ list (items which are new and about to be put on shelf) so of course I put a hold on it and am about to be the first borrower! Hurrah!

Speaking of the library, I have found it to be even more useful that I could imagine. There are so many books, cds and dvds in their 8 libraries. They also have a library bus which comes to places which are pretending to be country towns, such as my town. I hop on the internet, put holds on everything I fancy, and wait for the emails to arrive, telling me that my books are patiently awaiting my adoption. I am currently 9th in the que for a pilates DVD. That is an improvement on the 11th that I started at. That is why I bought a DVD with my book voucher.

Tell me about some books you have been finding fun and useful during your Challenge. I would love to hear some good recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for libraries! I used to borrow lots for me, now I find myself leaving with arms full of kids' books after reading time every Friday. Borrowed on Sophie's card - which she got at age 4 months! But I am wondering, with the new digital/radio "self-serve" borrowing system, how do librarians let out their frustrations? They can't slam date stamps onto borrowing cards anymore...

Yes, inbetween being the interim and permanent minister is probably the best way to explain G's status at the time.

Books I've been reading? Up The Duff by Kaz Cooke...

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this while looking up reviews for Joseph Had a Little Overcoat. kiwidanes comment on librarians letting out thier frustrations had me laughing. As a librarian, since we can no longer slam stamps, we just type very forcefully on our keyboards. Thanks for my laugh today!