Sunday, 2 March 2008

March Mini-Challenge - off and running!

My March Mini-Challenge is "Sewing from Scratch".

As per ColdCloth's advice, I am setting myself some weekly targets and regularly reviewing them. Thanks for all the encouragement on my dismal Feb Mini-Challenge.

Before I get to this week's goals, I want to show you some of the sewing I've been doing in the past few days...

The left one is a pocket-style pad, outer made of an old flanny pillowcase, and a fold-up hemp fleece booster cut from an old hemparoo (GK pocket nappy insert). I bought a packet of snaps at a recent garage sale. Very handy. I found the pad pattern here.

The right one is a liner made of the same pillowcase, and with a single layer of the hemparoo in the middle contour-y thing-o. I haven't put snaps on it yet. Found the liner pattern here. I didn't make it quite right and I have plans to alter it some more to make it exactly how I want it.

Week 1 of 'Sewing from Scratch'

I plan to make:
2 nappies (one flanny, one green cotton velour and hemp).
6 pads/liners (mix of flanny and velour, probably changing the pattern each time until I settle on a design I really like). 3 made so far.
2 gifts (I have some designs drawn up for some pressies for some friends/friends' kids, but they read this blog so I can't actually say what I'm making or for whom until after I've finished and the gifts have been received. One made so far.

I plan to design:
Finish designs for living room cushions.
Finish pattern for E's funky cotton pants (a la WIP list).

This may seem like a lot of stuff to do with an 18 month old running around, but I am doing more in the evenings, and I am learning how to do more stuff while the E-man plays around me. I can draw my designs while he scribbles with crayons, I can measure and cut while he watches Playschool. The only thing I can't do is sew (or put snaps in). He really wants to play with the pretty light-up buttons which beep on my sewing machine. Maybe if I use my ancient sewing machine without lights and beeps and buttons...


Cinders xo said...

Wow Tanja, you're doing awesome! I agree a monthly challenge makes me feel a little overwhelmed too, so I'm trying to just set myself one major job that needs to be done every month. And then all the little ones are left on a week to week basis.

I love how you are sewing this month. I am very jealous, I'd love to know how to sew.

ColdCloth said...

Gee Tanja, how talented are you? LOVE those pads - how cool that they were a pillowcase (and comfy too I bet). Yay you!!! Good luck with all your projects, you certainly won't be getting bored this month!!!!

Tanja said...

You guys are just too encouraging! Thanks so much!!!

Cinders, I am trying to find a way to overcome my procrastination tendancy, so I'm breaking it down into one week at a time, and choosing themes that I'm motivated about. And what's more motivating than expecting AF and having only one day's worth of disposable pads left and not being able to buy more??? I ask you! Hehehe!

ColdCloth, there are few things more comfortable than well-worn flannelette. On par with cotton/bamboo velour. ;)