Sunday, 16 March 2008

A wreck of a week!

Oh dear! This past week has been an utter trainwreck!

It took until Thursday night for Elliot to have a proper sleep - his naps and sleeps had been a nightmare since Tuesday. Mostly this was because of playgroup on Tuesday mornings. It's been getting worse each week, and I should have been more aware of the effects of stuffing up E's nap routine each week. Sadly, I have put in my resignation. It's for the best, but that doesn't stop me being really sad about what could have been a grouse year of facilitating one of our church's four playgroups. :(

So we went for a retreat to our old hometown of Shep this weekend.

I found a discarded local paper and a map of the town, and we mapped out all the garage sales. We ended up trawling about 13 garage sales in all, and brought home some bargains.

We didn't really get to go op-shopping because Andrew had to go off to buy some stuff for Scouts and I was stuck with E, our god-kids, and their maimed, sooky dad. (Don't worry, it's self-inflicted. Scarification which got infected. Yuk!) I only got half a dozen things, but at least I got the details of all 8 op shops in town. I'll be posting my beginnings of a list of the op shops of regional Victoria soon.

We also went to Treasure and Trash where I was able to get a few sewing supplies from the same lady as last time.

I'll post some pics of our awesome haul in the next few days.

For now I must apologise for having done no sewing at all. I have had the most rotten week (sleep-deprived 18 month old does not a happy mummy make). That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. It didn't help that I had reason to try out my whole cloth pad stash. They work wonderfully, BTW, but I have only just enough. I had to wash them every night. Perhaps I'll make another half a dozen. I discovered that I think everyone should be wearing velour knickers. So comfy!

I will be continuing last week's goals to this week. I have been rejuvenated by a much-needed trip home (yes, I still call Shep home after 7 years in the big smoke) and E went easily to sleep at 8pm, so I think we're in for an excellent week.

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Anonymous said...

Tired children and periods - the two should never be mixed!!!

Good to hear that E has got himself back into his sleep routine. I believe there are spaces in the Tuesday Afternoon playgroup session if you are ever interested ;).

Meanwhile I'm sitting here, swelling up and waiting...oh, the joys!