Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dress is revealed!

FAK - this is slow!

The sneak peek I showed of my swap worked far too well. My swapee didn't hesitate to name me as the culprit. So I figure it's time I showed the finished piece...

This 9-12 month shift/pinny is made from some navy drill which has been sitting in my fabric stash for longer than I can remember. The lining is from an op-shopped doona cover you may remember from the apron I made for Dinnae.

I was so taken with the process of hand-sewing self-bias-tape on the hussif that I jumped at the chance to do it here.

The buttons are vintage blue buttons from the stash Lorna gave me, and the dress is finished with pink topstitching.

I'm very pleased and the recipient's mother seems equally pleased.

I cut out the dress from another fabric first, before remembering that my swapee's favourite colour is rainbow. So I decided to make it anyway.

You may remember the lining from an apron I made for Lorna's DD1.

It is not finished because I have not yet found the perfect buttons or top-stitching thread. No hurry, it hasn't got anyone to wear it yet.

These dresses were made with my own pattern, based on two other patterns which were not quite what I had in mind.


Tracy said...

they are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Oh DEVINE!!! That second one is to die for! I have that piece of that material sitting here in my craft cupboard waiting for the perfect project, you may have just inspired me lol.

Tanja said...

Thanks Tracey!

Bummer Shannon. I was hoping that I would be able to convince you to do a swap with me for a dress like this. But I'll enjoy the compliments anyway, lol.

Tanja said...

Wait a second, *I* sent you that fabric in a swap, Shannon. ROFL!