Sunday, 14 September 2008

No shampoo challenge

I promised an update on the no-shampoo mini-challenge, so here it is:

I have found it marvellous from the start. I was already washing it only once a week to keep the oil down. The bicarb and apple cider vinegar stuff works really well. I use two tablespoons of bicarb in 500ml warm water, and rinse with 2 tablespoons of acv in 500ml of warm water. I find it takes a bit longer to wash as I have to massage the bicarb into my hair really well, but I don't mind any excuse to be in the shower longer.

I had a near disaster when I went to get my hair cut and the hairdresser put all sorts of rubbish in my hair before I realised (not my usual hairdresser). I got home and ran straight into the shower and washed my hair with 3 lots of bicarb to get all the gunk out. Disaster averted. Gosh that chemical stuff stinks! I'm so glad my hair smells of nothing but a faint scent of apples. Lovely!

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