Friday, 23 May 2008

I'm shocked!

I posted on NC today about the fact that today I finally reached a milestone in my weightloss. I have finally lost 20kg since Elliot's birth. Now I am lighter than I was when I fell pregnant with Elliot, lighter than when I got married, and lighter than I have been in over 7 years. How cool!!!

The chickies on NC asked me for before and after pics, but I couldn't find any pics of me taken this year, so I asked Andrew to shoot of a couple of pics for me. The NC thread is in a subscribers-only area, so don't bother looking for it unless you are a paid-up member. It's all here anyway, LOL! Pretty much word-for-word.

Here is me, with Elliot, when he was 2 months old. We were on a Scouting-related camp, hence the uniforms. It's Flick's Wood Beads at Camp Birrubi, for those who know and care. Ha ha ha! That'd be only you Lornie. LOL!

Then at Elliot's dedication ceremony. It was over 42 degrees that day, and there was smoke wafting through from the immense bushfires across the state (December 2006). I'm pretty shocked at how big I look here. I was almost in tears as I looked through these pics. I didn't know I was so big until I saw them today.

That last one is the real clincher, eh? There's nothing so telling as a full-frontal shot with a goofy look on your face (mid-sentence). Elliot was only 2.5 months old so the boobs were still pretty full (who am I kidding? they still leak now and we're down to 3 feeds a day!) but the rest of me!?!?! Oh my, let's move right along shall we?

So, this is me today. Literally today. I decided to do a few modelling poses (HA!) since I look so %@&# hot! Ha ha ha! I love my new haircut - it makes pretty waves and curls all on its own. I like my skinny little waist which makes me look lighter than I am. I like my favourite pants which I have taken in at least 6 times.

So there you have it. 20 kilos of weight loss in pictures over 21 months. 3 more kilos to go till my next goal, and hopefully that 3kg will all come off my rump. That'd be nice.

And just to round off the joy, we went op-shopping today and I bought a (SIZE SMALL!!!!) Rusty brand jacket for $5. Fit's perfect!

Special thanks to today's wonderful photographer - darling DH, Andrew.

And a reminder that you can click to see the pics bigger. :)


ColdCloth said...

WOW!! 20kg that's SO well done!! I lost 14kg last year and I SO understand how great you feel!! WOOhOO!!!

Tracy said...

Found your blog from Ravelry...congrats on the weight loss...mid if I ask how? Were you following a diet plan of any kind? I am in the US but would still be interested in how you did so well! I have decided to try a mostly vegetarian diet (maybe occasional chicken and fish) for a while to see if that helps me. :)

(ps. I can find a place to put my e-mail so I will check back here to see what you say.)

Tanja said...

Hi Tracey. When we were trying to get pregnant I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had all the classic signs - severe acne, very overweight, facial hair issues, irregular cycles - and a blood test and ultrasound confirmed it. My doctor told me my only hope (beyond medication, which I didn't want to do if I could help it) was to lose weight, and my only hope of losing weight was to go on a low carb diet (pretty much the Aitkins diet). I followed it religiously and within 6 months I had lost the better part of 18kg and my blood test results were normal and I was pregnant. I put 18kg on during the pregnancy because I wasn't sure if I should be doing the diet while pregnant. Then I have been following the diet (in a very half-assed way, lol) for the past 18 months, but I'm sure the breastfeeding has helped lots because it has been a very half-assed diet. I really should be doing the diet properly because I find that carbs make me feel ill. When I eat sugar or other high-carb foods (even healthy grainy ones) I get burpy and feel sluggish all day. I guess I'm trying to say that this has worked for me, and it seems obvious that my body likes it and responds to it, and it has taught me to listen to my body. HTH. BTW, PM me on Rav and say hi.