Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Shoes for Theresa's daughter.

I made these shoes for Theresa's younger daughter who is just a little bit older than my Elliot. It was a huge challenge to make something girly, but I loved the adventure.

These shoes are made from what used to be a hideously ugly 1980s leather jacket. Also some nice thick Italian leather (upholstery scraps from Andrew's old job) for the soles, and the ribbon is from my vast collection. The elastic was op-shopped some time ago, and the thick quilter's thread is left over from my teddy-bear making days. Nothing new at all.

I wanted to make these shoes in response to a generous gift from Theresa. She recently sent me a stash of booster-shaped bamboo fleece pieces. Just like that. I was blown away, and even more so when she told me there's some bamboo velour off-cuts coming in the future. I offered to make the shoes and then told myself I wasn't allowed to pat the bamboo fleece until I had made the shoes. Ah, I'll have to pull out the fleece tonight for a pat. I can't wait to make a cotton velour nappy with this scrumptious fleece inside. Thanks Theresa!!!

I couldn't let T's older girl go without something fun in the package, so I sent her a little notebook I'd made some time ago and a rainbow pencil I bought in a cute little Japanese gift shop in Box Hill last year. I loved those pencils when I was little.

Theresa tells me the girls really like their gifts.

I was inspired by my own first pair of baby shoes. Awwww!


Kelli said...

these are seriously gorgeous!! You are so clever

Eilleen said...

Tanja - you are so talented! Those are really beautiful! Theresa's daughter is soooo lucky!

Tanja said...

Thanks. I appreciate the kind words.

ColdCloth said...

Cor blimey Tanja, is there anything you can't do??? Seriously well done, they are LUSH!!!