Wednesday, 9 January 2008

January's mini-challenge - 50% off!

In honour of the post-Christmas sales which I am not partaking in, and thanks to the inspiration provided by ColdCloth, I am doing a monthly mini-challenge in addition to the Consumption Challenge - "50% off". (I love Eilleen's idea of signing up to Refashionista, but that will need to wait just a little while).

I am calling this mini-challenge "50% off" because it is about culling our "stuff" by 50%. I am needing to declutter and just get rid of lots of stuff, so as I go through boxes, cupboards and drawers my goal is to donate/throw out a minimum of 50% of their contents.

I have already started: when Andrew brought me a suitcase and huge bag full of fabric he found in the shed, at least 60% of that went either to the op-shop pile or to the fabric recyclers.* The bonus was re-discovering some fabulous vintage linen prints and lots of fabric for fun clothes for Elliot.

* We discovered a place to recycle clothing/fabric which is beyond any useful life. I think they turn them into rags and things for industry such as polishing wheels.

Then I started on the linen cupboard where I have already decluttered 2 of 5 shelves. The towel shelf only sacrificed one item, but that will be balanced out by the 70% of things permanently removed from the next shelf I did, and the same is predicted for the other three shelves. Before/after photos to follow in a day or two.

The thing I am really not looking forward to in this mini-challenge is the study. I detest cleaning the study. YUK! I'll put it off until January 31, shall I?

As a side-note, I am hopping back on the FLYwagon with a sensible evening routine:
Put nappies on to wash, rinse out nappy buckets and return them to their spots.
15 minutes of dishes/cleaning kitchen.
Put out clothes for tomorrow.
Check tomorrow's calendar.
Hang out nappies.
Quick tidy of living room.
Brush teeth, go to bed at a decent hour.

Truth be told, that last one's gonna be the killer. We've been going to bed at 11 and 12 and I have earned the nickname of "Dinosaur Grumpy" as a result.

And tonight I am signing up for the Australian timezone emails. About time.


Eilleen said...

oh my study is also a humungous mess! I might do this as my mini challenge for January too - declutter and clean up the study. We'll do it together! Now should we be brave and post "before pics" to motivate ourselves to do "after pics"?? (I think I'm too ashamed to post the before pic, but may post the "after pic".)

ColdCloth said...

That's a great idea! Decluttering is excellent. You'll feel terrific once you've done it.

Tanja said...

Cool, Eilleen! That will help to motivate me to not leave it until Jan 31. LOL!

I'm taking 'before' pics, but IF I post them it won't be until I have 'after' pics to post next to them.

So take some 'before' pics and then you can decide later whether to post them up.

What does your study have in it? Mine is the computer area and all my sewing stuff and drawing stuff and knitting/crochetting stuff and an enormous light box table and boxes and suitcases of fabric and the ironing board... did I mention that I'm sure there is also a floor in here somewhere?

What do you think ColdCloth? Should we put up 'before' pics or is that just too embarrassing?

Theresa said...

Awesome goal! I'd love to say I'll join you but as I packed boxes to move I ditched SO much stuff it wasn't funny - in fact some of the stuff that I've gone looking for now to "re-fashion" or "re-use" isn't here and I realise I ditched it!

It is wonderful to have a de-cluttered home so I will give you all the encouragement you need!

Hmm maybe I should think of a mini-challenge for me....