Friday, 4 January 2008

Last of the big spenders!

Why is this the only pic I have of the op-shopping spree we went on? We also bought a vinyl of Phantom of the Opera, a lovely blue 100% wool vest for me, a zipper for a purse I'm making, some... well, I'm not sure what it is. It's either bookcloth (for repairing book spines) or, well I don't know.

And we bought this funky little basket. Elliot loves carting it around, but it's actually for me to take to the greengrocer, which I did yesterday.

I bought this lace at the new antique shop in town. The lady who runs it is super nice. Of course Andrew bought a wood plane. Of course.

This lace looks to be bobbin-lace, but machine made, not hand made. I have about 30+ cms of it, and I'm now on the lookout for the perfect vintage complimentary fabric to make a handbag with this as the trimming. I have a thing for paisley, if you didn't know.

My mum gave me all this fabric to sew up a storm. I'm loving it all, but I'm just not sure what to do with it. Most of it is corduroy. The big white bit is actually cream flannel, so that will undoubtedly go to making nappies.

She also gave me a huge amount of some mystery fabric and some towels to turn into wipes for Elliot.

Speaking of nappies - this is the last purchase I made last year before starting on the Consumption Challenge. They told me it would be posted today, but it arrived today. Speedy AP! It's too much cotton velour. Apple green, powder blue (purple tinge), and candy pink. Yum yum! The first project to be made with this is an apple green fitted nappy. Too cute. :)

Then I'll be working on some pads for me and a dolly for Elliot. My NC summer swap nappy got me excited about velour as a nappy fabric, and now I'm addicted.

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