Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The beginning.

Today is the day I put my money where my mouth is, and begin this new adventure. I wrote about this once before, here.

So, beginnning something similar to
Eileen's Consumption Rebellion, I ... I should really start using the plural here, because Andrew has stepped on board with trepidation... we, begin a year of not purchasing anything new (with exceptions). There is much more to it, (keep reading) but that is the crux of the matter.

I have been scouring Eileen's website and have come across this
marvellous quote. It is so important to remember to do something rather than nothing, in so many areas of life.

The Plan:
- To purchase nothing new except food, and a few essentials (such as loo paper).Instead:- To use existing resources.
- To modify existing resources, including repairing it.
- To create the item from existing resources using our creative skills.
- To borrow for short-term use.
- To swap (my unnecessary item could be just what another person needs).

When a purchase is necessary: this list must be fully explored (no particular order, just all of it) before a purchase.
- To buy ethically (purchase of items made in Oz generally would include known minimum wages and conditions for the workers; purchase of items made o/s would require research into fairtrade practices, etc).
- To buy good quality (which leads to less waste as fewer replacements are needed).
- To buy eco-friendly and considerate of packaging waste (no, I'm not becoming a greenie, but it does make sense to recycle AND to purchase post-consumer recycled products such as SAFE loo paper).
- To buy reusable/multi-use items (in place of single-use/disposable/consumable items, eg good quality container can be often used instead of cling wrap or zip lock bags).
- To buy pre-loved (a second-hand item (op shop, freecycle, friend) creates no new waste).
- To buy because it is genuinely needed.

Other ideas:
- I've been pondering the idea of having our own chickens. Could be a plan. Rather educational for the E-man, and a guarantee of eggs laid by happy chooks.
- We need to continue giving away as much "stuff" as possible. This is for our own sanity, and to ensure others will also be able to have what they need without creating more waste.

My main hesitation so far is the knowledge that for the whole of 2008 I will have to forego the pleasure of purchasing wool from my favourite wool stores, mainly Monster Knits. I may have to stay away from Ozebaby and the Yarn Cafe entirely, and maybe even unsubscribe from their newsletters for the year to avoid the serious sadness of not even being able to consider purchasing their delicious yarns. :(

And so it begins. What do you think? Any other ideas?

Because this has been lifted from my other blog, here are the comments this post has received so far:

kiwwidane wrote:
Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:23 am (local)
We'll help - am more than happy to help gobble up some of your chickens' freshly laid eggs. I used to get some from a playgroup mum and am missing the bright yellow yolks and intnse flavour dearly!Your plan is both ambitious and inspiring - good luck!

I wrote:
Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:44 am (local)
Thanks. Yes, I'm looking forward to both the taste of yummy home-grown eggs, and to not having to pay those really high prices for free-range eggs. You'll be first on our 'oversupply' list. :) And there always does seem to be an oversupply where home-grown eggs are concerned, yeah?

(Anonymous) wrote:
Jan. 2nd, 2008 11:47 am (local)
A great plan!!
That is a great plan T!Actually you're criteria for buying is a plan for life.I have to say, the hardest part of this challenge is your mindset. The fact that both you and your husband has decided to do it will be a great bonus. You can support each other and be strong.That quote is great, isn't it?! All the best!


And I would like to say:
Thanks Eilleen. You've really started something here, eh?

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