Saturday, 5 January 2008

Oh, the irony!

Picture this...

Hot water installer: Hello, can I help you?
Me: Yes, my water-saving shower head doesn't seem to be drawing enough water to trigger our brand new instant hot water service to turn on. This morning I had to fill a bucket in the bath at the same time as having my shower just to get hot water in the shower.
HWI: Yes, that is a common issue. You will need to buy a non-water-saving shower head.
Me: Isn't that ironic, that in order to use an energy efficient hot water system we cannot use a water-saving shower head.
HWI: Fortunately the hot water system is already designed to save water.
Me: (to myself) Not sure how they figure that one.

So we will be taking the non-water-saving head from our ensuite which is currently under renovations (read: all the tiles fell in on me while I was having a shower) and I will be able to have a shower without wasting water in the bathtub. Hooray.


Theresa said...

Oh no - what a bugger!

I actually was giggling though because this is exactly the type of thing that happens to us!


Tanja said...

It's pretty ridiculous, isn't it? I'm glad I'm not the only one to whom this sort of thing happens.