Friday, 1 February 2008

A Scout is Thrifty

This is one of the reasons I have been unable to quite finish my January Mini-Challenge.
It is quite appropriate that one of the Scout Laws is "A Scout is Thrifty". It fits well with the Consumption Challenge.

This is a uniform I made (finished this morning) for Elliot to wear tonight to Andrew and my Wood Badge presentations. The Wood Badge is the highest level of training for a Leader within a Group. It is quite an honour, and a fair bit of work.

Ever since I was pregnant I would insist that our baby would have their own mini-uniform to wear to our Wood Badge ceremony. Here it is...

This uniform looks as authentic as I could possily make it (without going way OTT). I hand-sewed the badges on this morning, and the buttons all have "Scouts Australia" on them since it's made from an official uniform. It looks just like my uniform and Andrew's uniform, except that we have name tags (Elliot has a woggle with his Scout name, "Womposs", instead), and he has a "Yes" badge to show off his epulettes, and Andrew and I have a few badges to show our other training (ie abseiling, first aid).

It is made entirely from an old adult uniform. This kahki uniform is going out, and a new navy one is being phased in, but Andrew and I are persisting in wearing the "real" uniform.

This is the uniform I refashioned into a mini-uniform. Ooop! I forgot to take a photo until I had already cut into the pants. LOL!

I cut the whole lot out using another size 0 shirt as the template, and a spotlight pants pattern I had sitting around idly. The scarf and woggle were made for Elliot over a year ago by a Scout mum, who also made him a jumpsuit, Scout-style. The badges were pilfered from the old uniform and from my Scout badge blanket.

I'm seriously happy with this. Action shots will be added after tonight's ceremony.
TA-DA! ---->


Keely said...

I am super-impressed!!

That uniform looks just like a little mini-uniform, and so well made! I bet you get lots of comments on it at the ceremony!

Tanja said...


I'm not bragging, but it looks 100 times better than I imagined it would.

One of the reasons I wanted to make it is that it will take the focus off me and everyone will be swooning over Elliot instead. I'm really nervous about being the centre of attention (even if I get to share the spotlight with Andrew) so I'd rather deflect the attention to our well-dressed son.

Eilleen said...

WOW! That is soooo cool! And if I were you I'd be bragging all over the place about that cool uniform!

Well done!

(and lol at you making it so you wouldn't be centre of attention... did you get any other mums coming up to you and asking if you could make one for their younger kids too? hehe)

Tanja said...

Thanks Eilleen.
I did have all the mums swooning all over him as expected, and all the Scouts were besotted. My plan worked. Hehehe!
A friend who is a Cub Leader thought the better of asking me to make a mini-uniform for the mascot she is taking on Cuboree (5 day camp for 4000 8-10 year olds!).

Theresa said...

WOW that is so cute T - you've done an excellent job!

I have to agree that the old uniform is much more "Scouts" than any new one could ever be!

Anonymous said...

Keep up with the old uniform, the new scout "uniform" is simply not that, a uniform...
Great work and congrats on the Wood Badge!

Tanja said...

Thanks. Unfortunately 2008 is the last year we are allowed to wear the old uniform. Very sad.