Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Declaration: It's a flop!

I know February is not over yet, but let's not draw out the agony any longer. I hereby declare my February Mini-Challenge to be a complete flop.

I utterly detest the curtain I made, and nothing else that I had planned has come to fruition yet. Yet? LOL! I hope to one day soon make some of the marvellous ideas I had, but it just hasn't happened. What a month!

I still want a curtain, but I want one which splits in the middle and is not see-through. I'm thinking I'll keep an eye out for some lovely limes and oranges in the fabric hunting through op shops. One day...

Also, I have the funnest (is that a word?) ideas for some cushion covers and throws for the couch, based largely on my small collection of Golden Hands and Busy Needles magazines.

And I really do need to get some more photos up on the walls. I have the photos, I have the frames, it's just a matter of getting around to it. Which won't be happening this month.
So sad. But what's on next month's agenda?


ColdCloth said...

Nevermind, there's always next month!! Gee those cushions and throws sound great - eagerly awaiting photos of them once they are done!!! Hey for the March challenge, what about dividing it into weekly challenges, to break it down more - like first week, source fabric for cushions, second week decide on pattern and cut out, third week sew etc etc?? Would that make it easier do you think or trickier??? Anyway, good luck with next month, can't wait to see the results of your work!!!

Theresa said...

Don't beat yourself up T - I still like the curtain!

Actually I have a box of fabric in my shed and I believe I had some curtain fabric down there - white/ivory kind of coloured - if its still there I'll send you a sample and its all yours if you want to try to do something with it... I doubt I am going to need it all here.

I think your cushions are going to look ACE though :)

Anonymous said...

And you even had an extra day this month compared to the usual February! Still, you've been busy and sick and...leave it to me - I can give you a myriad of excuses :). I mean there's always that playgroup co-ordinator who works you like a slave.

Speaking of which, you should see the contents of my playroom - in the last day I have sorted and stored over 20 containers (of various sizes) of craft materials!!!

Tanja said...

Coldcloth, great idea. That might help me space my challenge out rather than a mad rush at the end. (Would I procrastinate until the last minute? Never!)

Theresa, if you like the curtain, you're welcome to it, LOL! I'm gonna have to figure out what to do with it. Yeah, I'm really excited about my cushion plans. I have little drawings going and they look fab.

Kiwwi, YOU'RE NUTS! An extra day? Perhaps, but if it were March I would have had another 2 days, so where's your logic now? I reckon it's my playgroup co-ordinator's fault, through and through. You're right, she really is a slave driver. I should talk to someone about that. BTW, how does a preggie slave driver like you manage to clean out a whole room? And do you have a box full of stuff you're getting rid of? ROFLOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do I clean out a whole room of craft stuff?

The answer: VERY SLOWLY!!!