Friday, 15 February 2008

My lovely friend

My darling friend Lorna is the most encouraging person. She has recently been asking if it would be ok to buy me a present if it was something I needed which I am not allowed to buy. How sweet is that! I don't think I've really answered her yet. It seems really cheeky, but in a good way. ;)

Today I went around to see her because I depserately needed a few minutes away from the crying, sooking, teething, sick little boy I call my son. I came away with the most delicious stash of buttons, zippers, and elastic. Mmmmmm, drool-worthy!

Lots of the buttons are kinda old. I am really digging the domed, shiny green buttons (can you see them?) and I think they're from the 70s. Actually most of the buttons look like they're from the 60s and 70s. So I did some research (aka "googling") LOL!

A history lesson:

With a background of studying history, I am always interested in the age and purpose and any useless information about older things. It turns out that Australia went metric in 1968 and our money went decimal in 1966. Just in case you were wondering.

I was.

Some of the buttons have imperial measurements on them (ie '6ft of matching thread') and others simply have it in metric (ie '175cm of matching thread'). So, I'd say I'm right and the buttons are a mix of 60s and 70s vintage. Nice, huh? Should go well with my 1970s house make-over for my February Mini-Challenge. Thanks Lorna!

Lorna, and her beautiful family of three gorgeous girls and one friendly husband (nothing better than a friend with a husband who doesn't scowl at you, eh?) have also given us more toys than I can fit into a dozen photos. But one toy has sparked a bit of a "thing", iykwim.
Since receiving this toy I approached my mother's group with the idea of having a toy swap. One lady has an indoor slide which I really want to borrow, so I suggested that next time we're at my place we should all bring toys along and have a big swap. If we do that every month or so we will always have new toys for them to play with. Andrew wants me to swap out the horrid loud Elmo steering wheel toy we were given (not from Lorna!), but at least 5 of the others have that one already, so they all know how bad it is! LOL!

Well, I think that's enough chatter for tonight, so I'd better go and work on this mini-challenge. I've been procratinating. I need some of Eilleen's "just-have-a-go" attitude.

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Eilleen said...

What a wonderful friend you have and those buttons are cool!

And what a great idea for the toy swap! Enjoy!!