Thursday, 7 February 2008

Pity Post

Nothing to do with the Challenge, but I'm having a Pity Party and you're all invited.

I had a tooth removed at the back of my mouth yesterday. It was a nightmare and I want to have a whinge.

One and a half hours of levering, pulling, drilling and fretting; nine injections, six x-rays, and 3 phone calls to surgeons to try and get someone who could cut it out (they'd all gone home already) and I'm left with one root of my tooth still inside my gum, held there by a side-lying, impacted wisdom tooth.

The dentist (lovely lady) told me that if she'd known it was going to be like this she would never have started, she would have sent me to a dental surgeon. Great. She told me half way through that she hadn't seen one this difficult in years, but by the end I think I may have won the prize for difficult extractions. Apparently I have really long narrow roots on my teeth. I guess that's good when you actually want the tooth to stay in place. Not so good when you want it out.

Surprisingly I have no pain now. My jaw has been put out and is sore from all the pulling and pushing, but that'll have to wait till next week for my osteo to put it back it.

Ok, whinge over. Thanks for listening.
Back to our usual programming...


Anonymous said...

I have teeth large enough to be considered statistically significant! THe dentist didn't think twice when I had my wisdom teeth removed - he just referred me on to a surgeon.

Hope you are pain free really soon. Sore teeth is just the pits.

ColdCloth said...

Ouch!!!! That sounds really BAD!! I remember when I had my 2 wisdom teeth out - one came out no problems, but the other one involved a lot of pulling by the surgeon and nurse. Icky. Hopefully your jaw will be better soon and it will all just be a bad story you can tell your grandkids!!!