Thursday, 21 February 2008

First success of February Mini-Challenge

Here we are, almost at the end of Feb, and I have just stopped procrastinating long enough to finish the enormous task of the first part of my Home Decorating Mini-Challenge. It took about 20 minutes! D'oh!

The back-story: I am not a fan of open plan living. I prefer actual rooms. In our house the living room and dining room are very awkwardly joined together with this enormous boxy hole. I think it may have been an archway once upon a time. I'm so glad it's not anymore, but it's still obtrusive and ugly.

So I made a curtain to try to soften the effect and to close in the living room a little, making it feel less open and cavernous. I'm not sure if it's a success yet, I guess time will tell.

In keeping with the 1970s theme, this is made from some real-life 1970s curtains from my parents' house. This had a former life as living room window curtains in my childhood. It was not long enough, so I joined a small offcut to the bottom at right angles to make up the length. I think it has worked well.

The curtain rail was already there from some Christmas decorations we put up a few years ago. (Yes, the decorations came down a few years ago too, it's just the rail that we left there).

I hope to take some better/more interesting pics tomorrow.
:) Cheerio.


Cinders xo said...

Well done Tanja! Yep the bottom looks good being at a different angle :)

Theresa said...

wow - looks great! I really like the bottom strip too :D

Tanja said...

Thanks guys!
Unfortunately, I hate it! Ugh! Detest it!
I've taken it down and we're back to square one.
I'm about to declare Feb's Mini-Challenge a failure.