Thursday, 7 February 2008

Market Bargains

We went "home" to Shepparton the other weekend to visit our Godkids. Of course we had to drop in to the Treasure and Trash, now held at the Paceway since the Drive-In has been sold.

There was a stall with a lady selling off the remains of the stock of a sewing shop which has closed. It all looked very old and worse for wear, but I had fun fossicking through it all.

I thought about this purchase for ages, to see if it met the criteria, and in the end I decided that it did. I thought it met the criteria because it may as well have been someone's personal sewing supplies they were selling off - no-one was going to be re-ordering the stock to replace what I had bought so therefore I would not be adding to consumption/manufacturing. Ok, I spent waaaaay too long thinking about it, but that is the concise version of my decision. Feel free to disagree or ask for a wordier explanation, I just don't want to bore you with my internal dialogue.

I had been wanting some fabric dye for ages, but I didn't see how I could get some unless I happened to trip over some at an op shop. And I need some thin-ish elastic for making shoes since I still haven't found my previous supply in my study-clean-up. I had to hold back from getting more colours of dye, and just limiting myself to what I thought I probably could and would use this year. I abstained from purchasing cotton reels and lace and all sorts of other goodies. I didn't know I had such self-control.

Very pleased with my bargains. $5.50 all told.


Keely said...

Just thinking, keep an eye out on ebay too, sometimes people go through their crafting supplies and decide to de-stash on there, so you'd also be getting something that would otherwise have been thrown out.

Tanja said...

Ah! Good idea. DH is the ebayer in our house, so maybe I'll have to go shopping on his account. Thanks.

Eilleen said...

Yep, I think it meets your criteria!

What great bargains!